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New Vimercati press bender

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our fleet of machines with the new VIMERCATI hydraulic press bender.

This investment strengthens our strategy of improving the quality and range of work, offering our customers increasingly innovative services.

The new VIMERCATI hydraulic press bender is a latest generation machine that offers a series of advantages compared to previous machines, including:

  • Greater precision
  • Greater productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater reliability

These advantages will allow Officine Parolin to offer its customers superior product quality and a more efficient service.

Furthermore, the new VIMERCATI hydraulic bending press is more environmentally friendly than previous machines. This is due to the use of innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption and gas emissions.

With the renewal of its fleet of machines, Officine Parolin confirms its commitment to workplace safety and energy efficiency. This update will help ensure a safe working environment and optimal use of energy resources.


Officine Parolin and Gist Italia, a leading company in Italy for the marketing of cycling products and accessories, collaborated to create the OPUS CLAMP.

This clamp, entirely made by Officine Parolin, is the result of multiple processes carried out within our factories.

In particular, the clamp was obtained through:

  • Laser cutting of a square profile
  • Pressing of the housing located on the front
  • Welding of the back plate

Finally, the painting is monitored by Officine Parolin and carried out at a partner company.

The OPUS CLAMP are just one example of a high quality product, the result of the synergy between the two companies.

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