The true excellence of Officine Parolin lies in the processing of every type of tube and drawn tube: from square to elliptical tubes, from round to oval ones. All raw materials come from Italian suppliers and are processed in the Officine Parolin factories by highly qualified technical personnel and craftsmen.

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The interconnection of machinery and various company functions, according to the rules of industry 4.0, favors the collection of data, analysis and evaluation of performance. The objective is to progressively improve productivity and quality, for maximum end customer satisfaction.

BLM laser cutting

At Officine Parolin, we use a latest generation laser cutting machine, the BLM LT5, which allows us to process a wide range of tubular sections, including round, oval, elliptical, square and rectangular. We are able to work aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron, copper and galvanized. The maximum dimensions of the pipes that we can cut are 120 mm in diameter with a maximum thickness of 4 mm for the pipe, 100x100 mm maximum dimension for iron and stainless steel with a maximum thickness of 4 mm, and 100x100 mm of maximum size for aluminum with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. We can work bars between 3200mm and 6400mm. Thanks to the BLM LT5 laser technology, we are able to perform various types of cuts and drilling using oxygen or nitrogen as cutting gas. Additionally, we use BLM's Artube software for cutting optimization to minimize material waste.

Workable sections: round, oval, elliptical, square and rectangular

Materials: aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron and galvanized copper

Pipediameter max 120 mm for max thickness 4 mm

Iron 100×100 mm max for max thickness 4 mm

Stainless steel 100×100 mm max for max thickness 3mm

Aluminum section 100×100 mm max, max thickness 2 mm

Bar Length from 3200mm to 6400mm

Cuts and holes of various kinds can be made thanks to the BLM LT5 laser technology in oxygen or nitrogen

Execution of cutting nesting to minimize the waste of processing scrap material thanks to BLM’s Artube software.

BLM Elect-M tube bender

Officine Parolin has a BLM Elect-M tube bending machine that allows us to perform precise bends on tubes with a maximum diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. For square tubes, the maximum size is 30x30 mm with a maximum thickness of 3 mm. We use different dies to meet the specific needs of our customers. The average radius of the bend must be at least double the diameter of the pipe. Furthermore, if necessary, we can use a Comac profiling machine to perform even large radius bends, subject to evaluation by our technical office.

Maximum diameter measurement

40mm and 2mm thick

Maximum square tube size

30×30 thickness 3mm

Maximum thickness aluminium

2mm but electrowelded

Various matrices are available to meet the needs of our customers. The only limit is that the average radius corresponds at least to double the diameter of the tube

Possibility of performing large-scale bends with the use of a Comac profiling machine (subject to evaluation with our technical office)


Officine Parolin offers high quality welding services using different welding methods. We have manual fixed bench welding stations with customized masks and a Sigmund modular bench. We carry out Tig and Mig welding on iron, steel and aluminium. Furthermore, we have two Yaskawa robot islands connected as part of industry 4.0, which allow us to carry out high-precision robot welding.

Manual welding stations with fixed bench with ad hoc masks or modular bench (sigmund bench)

Tig welding

Mig welding

2 Yaskawa robotic islands connected in industry 4.0

We perform quality welding on iron, steel, aluminium


We have a wide selection of San Giacomo presses which allow us to satisfy multiple needs and high production rates. San Giacomo presses are designed with the utmost precision and built using high quality materials, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting performance.

The presses are accompanied by 50 ton Vimercati PHSY bending press with energy-saving inverter motor, 4 axes, fully integrated with industry 4.0 and an on-board machine computer capable of receiving the program from the technical office or simulating and programming bends directly from the machine.

Maximum sheet metal size 1650mm

Micro shot peening

Officine Parolin has always paid great attention to finishing operations. The use of specific technologies, such as the high-pressure micro-peening system to finish stainless steel and aluminum elements, aims to fully satisfy customer expectations.

The high-pressure micro-peening system and the use of ceramic microspheres with exceptional abrasive properties, allow to the stainless steel and aluminum surfaces to be homogenised, for a brilliant finish.

Complementary processes

Officine Parolin is a company with over thirty years of experience in metalworking. Over the years, the company has developed a strong network of contacts with local companies capable of providing services such as chrome plating and painting. This allows Officine Parolin to offer its customers a complete product from A to Z, with the possibility of delegating non-core processes to trusted companies that cooperate with our company for several years.

The network of contacts that has developed over time, is a competitive and distinctive advantage for Officine Parolin, as it allows it to offer its customers a complete, high-quality service.

Starting from the iron we are able to offer the finished and packaged product.

Assembly and testing

Officine Parolin has a modular assembly area, where we can carry out various types of assemblies. We are also able to offer customized packaging based on specific customer needs.

The effective and streamlined internal organization allows Officine Parolin to manage meticulous and efficient assembly lines to guarantee the end customer a complete service: from design to the finished product, packaged and shipped.

The rigorous and traceable quality control operations scrupulously follow the regulations and customer instructions.

Warehouse and Shipping

Having a well-organized warehouse means guaranteeing to your customers a superior service also in terms of assistance and punctual delivery.

For transport, safe and customized packaging is designed for each item or need; furthermore, correct organization allows for punctual deliveries, guaranteeing optimal protection during transport and reducing the risk of damage to a minimum.

3D Drawing and Design

Our technical office, made up of highly qualified personnel, deals with research, development, drawing and 3D design using Solidworks software. Furthermore, thanks to our latest generation 3D printer Markforged Onyx Pro, we are able to design and carry out sampling and small productions of special parts.

3D Drawing and Design are essential tools in our field, allowing to visualize and create detailed three-dimensional models to guide the construction process and provide a clear overview of designs, allowing craftsmen to create unique, high-quality pieces.

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